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Engage & Retain
Your Workforce

Paidiem is the competitive edge you need to engage your workforce, expand your business and impress your clients.

Simplify The Management Of Your Contingent Workforce

Our Automated Workflow Centralizes Everything In One Place

  • Instant Payment & Approvals Status Visibility

  • One-Click Daily & Weekly Time Entry

  • Clean Data Ensures Speed & Accuracy 

  • Fast Onboarding & Easy Implementations

  • Income On Demand & On-Time Payments

  • VMS & ATS Integration Friendly

Engage Your Workforce

  • Contractors Engage the Paidiem Platform Daily

  • 40% of Workers Take Early Payment - Regardless of Income

  • Our Average Client Revenues have Increased by >50%

  • 3 out of 5 Contractors are being Redeployed on Assignment

  • Improved Retention Rates & Decreased Turnover

  • Engaged & Supported Workers Produce Better Results

Engaged and Supported Workers Produce Better Results

Hand Off Payroll & Payments

  • Never Float Payroll Again - We Handle All Workforce Payments

  • Stop Stressing About Invoice Collection and Reconciliation

  • Accurate Data Means On-Time (& Early!) Payments - Every Time

  • Flexible Income On Demand for Any Classification of Worker

  • Automated System Decreases Errors and Ensures Compliance

Simplified Workforce Management

  • Our Customers Save ~30 Hrs / Week on Administration

  • Simple & Stress Free Two Week Onboarding Process

  • Speed Up Your A/R & Unlock Your Capital

  • Maintain Accurate Client and Worker Profiles & Contracts

  • Automated Contractor Invoices, Client Billings & Reporting

Accurate Data Ensures On-Time (and Early!) Payments


Out-dated, manual or disjointed systems delays business growth

 Manual or Outdated Systems

Errors or Delays in Time Collection

Delays in A/R Due to Errors

Prevents Business Growth


Paidiem’s powerful automation drives revenue, productivity and engagement which supports growth

Automation & Speed With All Data and Contracts in One Place

Accurate, Faster Payments and Receivables

 Happier Workers & Clients Generate Revenue and Business Growth


Find out how our customers have grown their business by 50% in less than 6 months!