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Flexible & Accessible Coverage, for everyone.

Paidiem Curated Personal Benefits & Business Insurance

Paidiem makes finding the right coverage fast, easy and stress-free by connecting our users directly with our Providers.

How It Works

Paidiem Users gain instant access to flexible benefits and insurance options via their Paidiem account - and their coverage remains active even when their contract on the Paidiem platform ends.

We connect our users directly to our providers with no extra time commitment or cost to your business. This easy access ensures all Paidiem Users find the right coverage that best suits their needs.


Our Trusted Providers

Personal Benefits & Securities
  • Provides health and dental benefit packages that are affordable and offer flexible coverage
  • Multiple plans give you the option to reimburse a portion or all eligible health-related expenses
  • Access to financial advice & support, and wealth & asset management solutions
  • Manulife has 133 years of service and over 30M happy Canadian customers!
Business Insurance
  • Digital Insurance for small businesses, freelancers and recruitment agencies
  • Easy to use platform makes filing unexpected claims stress free
  • Coverage includes Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions), General Liability, Contents & Equipment, Cyber Breach and Free Legal Advice
  • Free online quotes for custom extended coverage for your home or business in one place
Business Insurance
  • Coverage includes Critical Illness Insurance, Life Insurance, AD&D Insurance
  • Easy-to-use 100% digital insurance platform hosting an array of insurance and protection solutions
  • Seamlessly connects and engages Paidiem Users with curated quotes that address individual needs


Ask how you can access instant coverage today!